fancy meeting you here

it seems every few years in my life i have started a blog, forgotten to post in my blog, abandoned my blog and then remembered and started anew. i have the same relationship with twitter no matter how hard i try to remember to throw a quick quip up, it never catches.

maybe i don’t have much to say, you might think, but on the contrary, i do. if something is happening, i either have an opinion on it, or a personal story about it. i have been recording snippets of my own life over the years in journals, word docs and of course, my brain. i recently compiled a few & shared them with someone who asked why i wasn’t at least blogging if not writing a book – i didn’t really have an answer, and was flattered, so here i am.

i have spent the last eight years of my life with the best guy, and in that time i have also moved (over 1000 miles!) away from my family for the first time, made new friends, mourned old friends, had weight loss surgery, quit my job, bought a new car, had excess skin removed from my abdomen, searched my soul, become a mentor, figured out (mostly) who i am, fallen in love with the idea of change, obsessed over growth (mine + others), become my own best friend and finally know what it is i want to be when i grow up.

i’m not going to make any promises about posts – their frequency, content and length will just happen. i’m not going to smooth my edges, or censor myself. i’m going to share it like it is, and like it has been. maybe you’ll see some of yourself in me, maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry, maybe you’ll sigh in relief that someone finally “gets” you or maybe you’ll just scroll through my posts on the toilet and that’s fine too. I’m glad you’re here & I hope you’ll stick around!

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